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About Me

The discovery of the passion for this work and the desire to be able to express myself.

I'll tell you something about me but without a boring format. A few words to tell you who I am.

Have you ever heard something about our perceptual systems? The Neurolinguistic Programming says that each person has his own way to perceive reality according to the frequency and intensity with which sense (rather than another) we are used to use.

From here derives a categorization: visual people, auditory people and kinesthetic people. After a course in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) I discovered that I am a visual person: observer with great imagination..

I think that my passion for this work derives from this innate characteristic. la mia passione per questo lavoro derivi proprio da questa caratteristica innataHowever, it was not an immediate awareness. It was, and it is still, a very gradual and constantly growing personal flowering.

Work independence to express creativity

The discorvery of my passion and my potencials pushes me to develop them. Hence the decision to open the VAT number and become a freelance.

Talk me about your ideas

and bring them to life together