Web & Graphic designer freelance

+10 years of experience

Bring your business to another level!



Web & Graphic Designer

Bring your business to another level!

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A professional visual identity is a very powerful and distinctive element.

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Logos, graphics and websites


I am a Graphic Designer with more than 10 years of experience.

The services dedicated to companies include: logo design, web design, study of the visual identity, catalogs layout, graphics for events and exibitions.
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Work Steps



Let's get to know each other. We'll begin with a call (30 minutes) and we will talk about your project and your goals.
During the call, I will collect the information necessary to process and send you the quote (by email). Once the offer has been accepted and the deposit paid, we will move on to the next phase.


Here we go! The design phase has begun!
In the case of a logo design or/and a brand identity, you will receive a PDF presentation by email. If it's your new site, you will receive the personalized (non-public) link where you can view it.


After sending the presentation, or the link, a comparison call will follow to evaluate any changes and variations in order to optimize the work. Once the final version has been approved, all you have to do is pay the remaining amount and wait for the delivery of the final files or the publication of the site.

Ready to Go!

All done! You will receive by email the confirmation of the site's pubblication, with the relative access credentials, or your graphic materials (logo/brochure/etc. .) in all the formats you need to be able to start using your new visual identity .